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Remember, this is not my work. It was lifted, word for word from: "Final Fantasy 7 Hints and Strategies".
(c) Copyright, 1997-98, A. Massie, acmassie@artsci.wustl.edu

Note: The original site is no longer available.

Chocobo Breeding

Here's my twelve step program for breeding chocobos to get the Gold one. Why do you want to do that? Well the Gold Chocobo lets you go anywhere, except the Crater while its shield is still up. Oceans, deserts, rivers, mountains are nothing to the Gold Chocobo. This is really good since there are 4 secret materia caves scattered about the map that have some very nice materia in them. It's true that some of the special chocobos (Blue, Green, and Black) that you have to breed to get to the Gold are able to get to three of these caves--but the fourth cave contains the Knights of the Round summon materia, if you're going to get that you must breed a gold chocobo (not even the highwind can get you to the cave--well, it can get to the cave, it just can't land there so you can't get out to get the KOR materia). If you're going to breed up to the Gold you might as well just wait and use it to get all 4 materia--I've never ridden the other chocobos to the caves. I just breed to the Gold and then go get all 4 materia. The Blue chocobo can cross rivers and shallow water, the Green crosses mountains, the Black can do both--the Gold does all of them plus oceans. Do you want the KOR materia? Well, as your levels advance you can do about 130,000 HP damage to each enemy hit with this materia--so you decide.

So here are the things you need to start.
You must be in possession of the highwind--because everything you need is on a different continent!! You also must have Cloud back from his coma--you get the Highwind right after Meteor shows up--at that time Gold Saucer is closed down, it re-opens when Cloud comes out of his coma and you need to be able to get to Gold Saucer to race the chocobos you're breeding.
6 stables at the Chocobo farm (60,000 gil)--yes you can do it with just 4 or 5 but then you have to pay attention to who you release when.
40 sylkis greens--at least--from the Chocobo Sage, I'll tell you where he is (200,000 gil).
A lifetime pass to the Gold Saucer (30,000 gil)
3 Carob nuts--I'll tell you how to get these.
1 Zeio nut--I'll tell you how to get this.
And of course you should have the chocobo lure.

So, if you've got the gil, here are the twelve steps.

1. Buy the stables from the guy in the house at the chocobo farm--I recommend buying all 6, but you must at least have 4 or it can't be done. Take note that he will only sell you one stable per discussion so you will have to talk to him 6 times for 6 stables. Make sure there are no chocobos anywhere on the farm, if there are let them go now. No matter what anyone tells you, you can't do this with just 3 stables--it mathematically doesn't make sense. You have to breed the first two chocobos you catch twice--and you can only breed chocobos if you have somewhere to put the offspring. If you only have 3 stables then after the first breeding you'll have to let one of them go to breed again--but you need all three of these chocobos and a fourth one to proceed so letting one go now would put you in an endless cycle.

2. Go to Goblin Island--it's out in the ocean, northeast of the farm. Check out the map a few sections below!
Here you'll run into some ugly little goblins. You can steal the Zeio nut from them (or kill them and take it)--you only need to get one. As a bonus, if you have manipulate and enemy skill on hand you can manipulate a goblin and have it use its Goblin Punch on every member who has an enemy skill materia equipped, that way you can learn that skill--note that it's not usually a great skill (read the section on the Goblin Punch in the Enemy Skill section above) so if you don't do it there's nothing to cry about. If you don't have the enemy skill materia yet, or you'd like another then skip down to section 4 of this breeding guide and find out how to get another with no serious effort or risk.

3. Go the green grassland outside of Bone village (note--I do not mean the forest around the village but the green area just south of it where you'll have to land the highwind). Run around until you have to face a big red dragon-like creature called the Vlakorados (also called the Brachioladus) you can steal a carob nut from it (or kill it and take it). You need three of these nuts so you need to do this a few times--especially since not every Vlakorados you encounter will be carrying one. Despite how nasty it looks the Vlakorados isn't too tough, he's got a lot of HP, around 33,500, but only three attacks, physical and one lightning bolt and none of these are too painful. If you've got Barrier and Regen each linked with an All you should be fine.

4. Go to the Chocobo Sage's cabin. Your first time there talk to his pet Chocobo and it will drop an Enemy Skill materia for you--don't get too excited, he only does this one time. The Sage's cabin is on the Northern Continent, due east of Icicle Inn (or Icicle Village, whatever you want to call it), nestled away in the mountains near the east coast where only the highwind (or a Gold chocobo which you don't have) could get to it. From him you'll need to buy, at least, 40 sylkis greens (they're 5000 gil each). You may want to buy more, read section 8 first to decide. It has been suggested, although I've never tried it (it sounds good though) that with a little patience you could, once you have the W-item materia (I've always had the Gold Chocobo way before this, but you don't have to), you could use the W-Item trick (see the section on page 2) in order to build up your sylkis greens without having to pay for it--I'm all for circumventing the capitalist market!!!!

5. Now you're finally ready to get some chocobos (oh yeah, that's what this was about). The first place to go is to the Chocobo tracks outside of Gold Saucer. Make sure you've got the Chocobo Lure (not Chocobo/Mog Summon) equipped to someone and scamper around on these tracks until you get into a battle where a chocobo is present amongst your enemies (whatever you do don't attack it, or cast a spell that effects all enemies or he'll leave--after pecking EVERYONE a few times). You want your chocobo to be accompanied by two Spencers (they are little green-fish like thing with big wings--they hover just above the ground), if your chocobo is accompanied by anything other than exactly two Spencers then don't waste your time catching it, it won't be the quality you want, if you do end up catching it then just let it go, don't send it to the farm. Kill off the two Spencers (there will be one on each side of the chocobo, usually in front of it) and, if the chocobo stayed around for the whole battle you'll have captured it. Be warned that chocobos tend to run away from battles, even if they haven't been hurt. But one of the tricks to keeping them around is to have some greens on you to catch his interest (and if you've done everything above in the order I've told you you'll have 40 greens to entice the chocobo into staying). Even with 40 greens in your item pack you'll find that chocobos will still occasionally run away. One thing you can do to decrease the rate of this is to buy a bunch of some cheaper greens and put them at the top of your item list, then when you get into a battle that has a Chocobo with two Spencers you can feed the chocobo a green to start off and then attack his companions. You feed it to the chocobo by going to the item list, pressing circle on the greens and then aiming it at the chocobo and pressing circle again.
After capturing the chocobo dismount it by pressing X and you'll be given the option to send it to the farm or let it go--I'm sure you've guessed which to do! Now hop back in the highwind and go to the farm.

6. Once you get to the farm go to the barn and talk to Bill and pick the option for moving chocobos (this gives you a chance to examine it (press the L1 or R1 keys to rotate the chocobo for a better look!), name it, and place it in a stall). The chocobo you have should be walking with his head up, Bill will call it a "good" chocobo--if somehow you've got some other type of chocobo then let it go and go get another one. Put it in the stables--he'll tell you to give a name to the chocobo and he'll tell you what sex it is--pay attention to this! Once you've got a walking chocobo leave the farm, save your game and now you permanently have a walking chocobo in your stables. Hop in the highwind and go to the chocobo tracks outside of Mideel--it's on the southernmost continent (the one below the farm), the city is on the western edge of that continent.

7. What next? Well, you're going to scamper around these tracks with your chocobo lure equipped until you get into a battle that has a chocobo with two Spirals (Sprials are light purple beasts that look like armor plated wolves, there will be one on each side of the chocobo, usually in front of it)--if the chocobo is accompanied by something other than exactly two spirals then it is not the kind you want. After you've captured one of these chocobos fly back to the farm, SAVE YOUR GAME, and then go to the barn and talk to Bill about moving chocobos again. The chocobo you have captured and are examining should be running with his head up (Bill will say it's a "great" chocobo)--if somehow you're chocobo is not this kind release it and go get another one. You want this chocobo to be of the opposite sex of the walking chocobo you've already got in the stalls--if you're running chocobo turns out to be the same sex as the walking chocobo then reset and try moving it again, eventually you will get the gender you want--the chocobo's sex is determined randomly until it's put into a stall, so if you keep resetting you'll get the right gender eventually--once you get the right gender be sure to put it in the stall and immediately save your game. You should now have one walking and one running chocobo of opposite sex in the stalls--if somehow you have any other chocobos on the farm then let them go.

8. To breed or not to breed. Now you have your first big decision. You can breed the two chocobos now but it can be a little frustrating. Breeding them now you have three possible outcomes, a regular yellow chocobo, a blue chocobo or a green chocobo. The yellow one is pointless so you'll have to reset and breed again. The blue one is ok but if you keep it first it's harder to get the green one, so you'll probably want to reset. The green one is the first one you'll want to keep. At this point you'll get a yellow chocobo about 75% of the time, a blue one about 15% of the time or a green one about 10% of the time. This can be frustrating, but if you want to do things this way then talk to Bill about breeding your two chocobos and when asked what kind of nut use a Carob nut. If you go that route then skip the next paragraph.

There is sort of an easier way. Rather than breeding them now you could fly back up to the Chocobo Sage and load up on more sylkis greens, come back to the farm and feed them to each of the chocobos until you max out their speed, stamina and intelligence--yes, this may be expensive, it may even require more than one trip to the Sage. If you max out their stats and then go to the Gold Saucer (make sure you have the lifetime pass or buy it when you get there because you're going to HAVE to race the next 4 chocobos that are coming up) and enter the chocobo races. (Remember that to get into Gold Saucer you have to go to North Corel and take the skylift across--don't worry, the skylift is free). Keep in mind that these two yellow chocobos, even maxed out, are not Secretariat (that's a famous racing horse) so they won't necessarily win easily, you might have to practice smart jockeying in order to get into the A-rank. Remember when you are racing to hold down the R1 and R2 keys, this helps keep your chocobo's stamina bar near the top--it will drop when you run at full speed but if keep R1 and R2 held down anyway. Talk to Ester, she's on the far left side of the screen beside the Bookmakers table, and she'll let you enter a race with either of your chocobos. You'll want to race each of them to at least A class (I usually race all the way to S class)--you have to talk to Ester after each race in order to race again, there's no cost for racing so don't worry if it takes you a while to get the hang of it. You'll start the race as a C class, it takes 3 wins to get to B, 3 more to get to A and then 3 more to get to S--which is the top class. It doesn't matter whether you race the long or the short course, but if you're trying to do this as quickly as possible then the short course makes more sense! Once both chocobos are at least A class then leave the Gold Saucer, return to the farm, save your game and then breed them and be sure to use the Carob nut when asked. The benefits of racing them before breeding are that, in my experience, you eliminate ever getting a yellow chocobo when you breed these two and it no longer matters if you get the green or blue chocobo first. (The other benefit of racing is that you can collect GP to exchange for materia at wonder square--1000 GP gets you a Gil Plus materia, which doubles the amount of gil you get after a battle--of course you might need this before you can afford to breed chocobos in the first place!!!--for 2000 GP you can get the EXP Plus materia which gives the character it is equipped to 50% more EXP after a battle, when you master this materia you get 2X the EXP per battle--see the section on raising money, EXP and AP below). If you've done all of this it is important that you take a moment to see how many sylkis greens you have (check your item menu) you must have 40 sylkis greens to do everything required from here on out.

So after you've bred your two chocobos you should get either a green or blue chocobo (it doesn't matter which if you've raced them, if you didn't race them then you must keep resetting until you get the green first). Pay attention to the color and gender of your new chocobo. You can't re-breed your yellow chocobos yet so leave the farm, save your game, and run around on the world map and kill some creatures (the best place to get some good EXP, AP and gil is in the forest and beaches around Mideel--see the section on raising money, EXP and AP below). Usually if you clown around for about 10-15 minutes (I've been told by Slashley, an ultimately reliable source, that what you need to do is get into five battles rather than worry about the amount of time spent), you can go back to the farm, save your game (that way you don't lose any of the gil, EXP, AP you've just wasted time getting) and breed the two yellow chocobos again and again use the Carob nut. This time you want an opposite color, opposite sex chocobo. For example, if you got a blue male the first time you'll want to keep resetting until you get a green female. Once you've got opposite color, opposite gender special chocobos then feed each of them 10 sylkis greens. Leave the farm and, what a surprise, save your game.

9. Hop back in the highwind and go back to the Gold Saucer Chocobo racing room. Get yourself in the races. You'll want to race the blue and the green chocobo until they are at least A Class level. Remember to hold down the R1 and R2 keys while racing to keep your stamina bar up--also remember it doesn't matter which course you race, the long or the short, a win is a win! Once both chocobos are S class level then hop back in the highwind and find somewhere to kill bad guys--strangely enough all that time you spent racing doesn't count and your blue and green chocobos, now S class racers, are still too young to breed. So fight some bad guys, go back to the farm and save your game again.

10. Once you're back at the farm talk to Bill about breeding the blue and green chocobos--use the last carob nut--and you'll get a black chocobo--when you name it pay attention to what gender it is. About 1% of the time you will fail to get a black chocobo, just reset and try again. At this point you should have two yellow chocobos, the blue and the green chocobos, and a black chocobo--if, somehow, there are any other chocobos on the farm you should let them go. Feed the black chocobo 10 sylkis greens and then leave the farm, save your game and jump into the highwind for one more chocobo quest.

11. Your destination--the chocobo tracks near Icicle Inn on the western edge of the Northern Continent. Make sure that your chocobo lure materia is equipped (and that you have at least 10 sylkis greens left) and run around on these tracks until you get into battle with a chocobo who is accompanied by two Jumpings (those are the white rabbit creatures, there'll be one on each side of the chocobos)--if the chocobo is accompanied by anything other than exactly two Jumpings then it is not the quality you want. Once you've captured this chocobo get into the highwind, fly back to the farm and save your game yet again. Next go into the barn and talk to Bill about moving chocobos again. You should have a chocobo that is looks like he's running full speed (Bill will call it a "wonderful" chocobo), if your chocobo is not like this then get rid of it and go back to Icicle Inn for another one. What you want is for this chocobo to be of opposite gender to your black one, reset until you get that result--once you do get the correct gender then put it in a stall and give it the last 10 sylkis greens. Now leave the farm and save your game (you should be very good at saving by now!).

12. You're almost there. What you want to do now is to get back to the Chocobo races and get both your wonderful and Black chocobos to at least the A class. Return to the farm and take note that you currently have 6 chocobos and you only have 6 stables so before you can breed you'll have to let someone go--it doesn't really matter which one(s) as long as you keep the wonderful chocobo and the Black one! Once you've let at least one chocobo go then talk to Bill about breeding the wonderful chocobo and the Black Chocobo--this time use the Zeio nut when asked--and you'll have a Gold Chocobo (since you don't have to do any more breeding it doesn't matter what sex it is). Leave the farm and save your game one more time--now you permanently have a Gold Chocobo at your disposal. All you have to do is go to the farm and talk to Bill about riding chocobos and he'll tell you to pick the one you want.
The great thing about Gold Chocobos (as well as the Blue, Green, and Black ones) is that they stay put when you dismount and go off to do your thing--and, as with the other special chocobos, you can enter the highwind while riding a chocobo, just enter as you normally would. When you exit the highwind you'll be on the chocobo. When you're done riding your chocobo it's a good idea to just ride it back into the farm and it will automatically be put in the stables for you (that way you don't forget where you left it).

A lot of this info was gained from the walk through at www.spectra.net/~franke which is a very good walkthrough but with a few important mess ups. I've trimmed it down and weeded out the errors and unnecessary steps and added a few tricks of my own.

Remember, this is not my work. It was lifted, word for word from: "Final Fantasy 7 Hints and Strategies".
(c) Copyright, 1997-98, A. Massie, acmassie@artsci.wustl.edu

Note: The original site is no longer available.